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  • laltazan 08/24/11 9:06 am PST

    I know this is not going to be popular, but I hope it helps. The confusion might be in the choice of words being used. There is not a recall on the catalytic converter. There is a technical service bulletin or TSB. A recall involves a safety related item and is mandated by a Government entity. A technical service bulletin is a document, issued by an automaker, that informs of a common or pattern-type failure. With a TSB the terms of the normal warranty apply, for instance three years/36,000 miles. There is also sometime a "good-will" or policy adjustment available, in some cases. This is not mandated, rather offered to try to keep the client happy.

    Catalytic converters may have an additional warranty for eight years/80,000 miles, mandated by the environmental protection agency. A failed converter can be replaced at no charge, as long as the failure is not caused by outside issues, for instance collision damage, flooding, etc.

    Beyond the terms of the warranty or a policy adjustment, you can address the matter through legal channels.


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