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  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/10/09 7:43 pm PST

    Here are the specs:

    Type 110D26L

    20 hour rate 12 volts 75 Amp-Hr

    cold crank current 750 amps

  • Stever@Edmunds 12/10/09 7:54 pm PST

    I got 8 or 9 years out of my last Walmart battery for my Nissan minivan. I think most batteries are made by a couple of big companies anyway, like Johnson Controls or Exide. The dealer is about the last place I'd go to buy one.

    I don't see one to fit your Infiniti at Walmart, but Sears makes a Diehard to fit. Other options can be looked up at Johnson Controls.

  • texases 12/10/09 11:17 pm PST

    If Walmart doesn't have one, I'd go with a Diehard. It needs to meet the specs for your car, just look it up. I don't like the 'any battery is good' statement, besides the power rating it needs to be the right size and type, but the local stores will have that info. I've never put a factory battery in a car as a replacement.


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