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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/26/13 9:12 pm PST

    I found THIS INFO, if that helps you out.

  • firecat343 05/27/13 1:34 pm PST

    Thanks for all your returns, however no cigar yet. What I have learned is that Centurion did use Lehman fiberglass parts before 1986 in there F-350s. I do know that Centurion ford built all these vehicles because Ford did not think they would sell. Back in the day, trucks, vans, and other vehicles were, " work vehicles", and Ford was not quite ready for luxury work trucks. As they soon learned they were wrong and behind other makes. Most of the Centurions popularity grew after the late 80s. Lehman Centurions
    on the other hand had very few vehicles named as such, especially after Centurion began to use metal fenders and flares. Subsequently Centurion went on to custon Broncos, Trailer tow vehicles, trucks, and vans.

    The list cost for my F-250 Centurion Lehman was $34,900. in 1987. I used it transport my show horses

    True CLs have a round hood maker with CL in it

  • fordman45 10/16/13 12:10 am PST

    Hey man i have a 1990 ford f250 centurion custom dually. im guessing this is the first year that centurion took over. dont know alot of details about it. had it for a year. mine has the 7.3L but i really dont know the value of it


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