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  • docj 05/30/11 11:28 pm PST

    IMO...200 k is 200 k..you know what i mean

    Regardless of how it was maintained,the vehicle still has 200 k on it and things will break..
    All cars break,new,used etc
    At this mileage its more prone to have things go wrong...
    Unless you get a super deal on it,pass on it
    Thats just my opinion...

    Good Luck

    Doc J.

  • 04350 05/31/11 11:04 pm PST

    Within the last month, I have spoken with 2 people in regard to their high mileage cars. One had an early 90s Camry and the other a mid 90s Accord. Both owners had over 300 K on their respective vehicles
    and each was aiming for 500 K, if their vehicle body didn't rust out first. Both had little cash on hand to get a newer lower mileage vehicle.

    It can be done if you want to sink money into it and don't mind some inconvenience when the inevitable repairs arise.


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