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  • morin2 03/23/09 1:38 am PST

    Edmunds review of the CR-V states that it is under-powered at 166 hp. But what is under-powered to one person may be fine with another. I remember a 50hp Jetta diesel and older air-cooled VWs with less hp, so power seems a lot better to me. The most power you'll find in a small SUV is the 269 hp 3.5 v-6 Rav4 & nobody questions its power.

    IMO, the new computer-controlled auto transmissions should be considered as much as the engine size. I'm not as familiar with Honda as much as with Subaru but Honda claims that their "grade control logic" detects vehicle driving situations and then set the appropriate shift points for the car".

    Can you road-test one at a similar grade and see how that trans works on a grade?

  • bvf925 03/23/09 6:22 pm PST

    Jack: I own a 2005 4cyl CR-V with AWD and a manual transmission. It is peppy, fun to drive, loaded with creature features, decent price, fantastic gas mileage, plenty powerful going up hill. However, I must say I am disappointed with the AWD system. It is useless in plain English. If you will be going to VT up snow & mud covered hills, you may want to reconsider the CR-V. I live in the hills of New England where many roads are not plowed. My driveway has a sharp incline. Regardless of new tires or not, my CR-V can't make it. The tires spin, it fishtails, it gets stuck. The AWD kicks in very briefly - not enough to pull me up and out of the snow. It's usually a day late and a dollar short when it finally engages. My tires spin on the small, loose gravel when going up the dry driveway too. It slides on the sand on the pavement when turning a corner (and I do not drive fast). I would stick with a traditional 4-wheel-drive or a Subaru to be honest with you. I plan on trading in my CR-V very soon.

  • eric1949 03/29/09 6:20 pm PST

    I own a 2006 Honda CR-V EX with aftermarket Michelin Alpin winter tires;

    they work extremely well here in Michigan.
    What you really want to climb steep hills or carry large loads is NOT horsepower
    but TORQUE.  As long as you are not climbing off-road mountains you should
    be okay.  
    Check out the winter tires and (steel) rims at TIRE RACK.


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