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  • ledzeppelin 03/06/08 10:54 pm PST

    Check to see if 86 350s had 4 speed tranny's such as the one you are seeking to use. The only obstacle you will face really are bolt patterns. They make a host of mounting brackets to fit replacement parts like this, or you can custom design one of your own. Recommended? Probably not, but it is do-able The other prob will be computer issues, but I don't think Silverado's had that much cpu interaction in 86. Check also applications for the 700r.

  • mitsugirl4 03/10/08 7:07 pm PST

    yes it will bolt right up to any gen 1 SBC

  • sandman235 03/12/08 11:42 am PST

    The length of a 700 is longer than a 350 short shaft and shorter than a 350 medium shaft (9 inch tail housing). Other issues, you won't be able to pull the 700 down into manual 1st with the stock steering column, but that is no big deal. The crossmember will need to be relocated on the frame, the TV cable bracket might need to be adjusted or modified depending on cable length, the speedo drive gear on the output shaft can be put on your 700 if it is different, cooler lines will fit. When you look for your trans make sure you find a 4L60, not the 4L60E which is the electronic shift version of the 700. The late 87 through 93 700's are what you want to find. I hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions.


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