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  • bandit10 06/14/08 7:57 pm PST

    I wouldn't change or add ATF thru the dip stick tube, it will be a mess. Also I reccomend having your transmission fluid professionally drained and filled. Here's why. If you did remove the oil thru the drain plug, at best you would get around 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 quarts of fluid. You would never be able to access the torque converter, which holds the greatest amount of ATF. With the drain and fill method all of the old fluid is drained and new ATF is filled. Consider it like a transfusion. This way the whole transmission will have the full amount of clean ATF. I don't know what the quantity is for your Honda but I'm sure it's around 10 quarts or more. Pep Boys will do it for around $90.00 the dealer around $120.00. I prefer the dealer myself. It's just my personal feelings on this service. Also with this complete transfusion you will extend the service life of your transmission. I'm a firm believer in this theory, and apply to my cars.

  • tido 02/23/09 11:02 pm PST

    If you just want to add ATF it is ok to put it in the transmission tube, but when you do this the car HAS TO BE RUNNING or you will not get the right reading on your dip stick that is becouse the fluid is being pump into your torque converter and the fluid level will go down but if you want to change it all your best bet is to take it into like midis or someone who does transmission flushes,becouse they will suck all of it out even the torque converter you do not need to leave any bad fluid in your transmission. always remenber check transmission fluid with the car RUNNING !!!!!!!!!! and check your oil with the car OFF.

  • 02odysseyowner 01/09/16 1:53 pm PST

    In the Odyssey owner's manual you check the transmission fluid level with the engine OFF. Be sure the engine is warm and on level ground.

    I own an '02 Odyssey and have been down this road before.


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