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  • Stever@Edmunds 07/16/09 3:02 pm PST

    Yes, you've got it.

    The True Market Value price is Edmunds.com's determination of the average selling price for that vehicle.

    In your example, the price to shoot for is $23,504. Since that's an average, you may do even better than that. Once the dealer agrees to that price, then you negotiate the value of your trade-in.

    When it comes time to settle up, the price of the car will be $23,504 (plus taxes and doc fees) minus the down payment and minus the value of your trade. That should come out to around $18,104 (plus taxes and doc fees).

    Don't forget to check for any incentives or dealer cash - customer rebates should already be deducted by Edmunds in calculating TMV but dealer cash isn't. I don't know if Honda has any incentives on the CR-V right now, but if there is any dealer cash or marketing support, knowing those numbers could help you negotiate a price better than TMV.


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