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  • Stever@Edmunds 02/23/08 10:26 pm PST

    I've heard that Wal-Mart synthetic is made by Pennzoil (but some say that's just the dead dino stuff). Some say the synthetic used to come from Mobile (pre-2006). Quaker State and Valvoline are also rumored to make synthetic for Wal-Mart. Some say the manufacturer depends on the region of the country it's going to be shipped to.

    And I've heard some good arguments that the synthetic oil is made by Warren Oil Company.

    It's probably made by whoever can meet the required API specs and Wal-Mart's price.

  • beancountant 10/13/09 9:38 am PST

    You have to check the bottom of the container on a 5 gallon jug. If there is an embossed letter "G," this is made by Exxon. If there is a "WPP" this is made by Warren Performance Products. As in everything, you get what you pay for.

  • nissan2k1 09/30/13 9:24 pm PST

    The current 5 QT container is labeled WPP on the bottom, so according to one of the answers provided it's manufactured by Warren Performance Products. So where does this place SuperTech ? I really started using synthetic on a regular basis in my car in 2008 with a Nissan VQ35D 6 cylinder rated at 250 HP. I started with the Pennzoil Platimun. That engine had higher mileage and naturally burned oil. That's when I started comingling SuperTech with the Pennzoil. For major oil changes, I went with spending a few bucks more and using Pennzoil, but for the peiodic top off that got me to the next oil change, and I was changing the oil & filter once a year for the 15,000 mile oil change. SuperTech was every bit as good as the Pennzoil Platinum for my daily driver in Miami, FL. Hot & humid weather here, so cold weather I couldn't say good or bad about it. But for stifling heat summers, the oil held up to long term driving with no issues. I use the 5W-30 and since it's recommended viscocity for my Fiat 500 Sport, I'm going to use it. I figure, even a Warren Perf Product fll synthetic is better than conventional motor oil ?

  • Stever@Edmunds 09/30/13 10:01 pm PST

    Define "better" lol.

    My '99 Nissan (Quest) is at 193,500 miles and it's always been fed "dead dino" oil, and lots of that has been SuperTech. Ten years of hot summers too, but no humidity for that decade. The other years it's lived in cold climes.

    I don't follow the oil wars much, but I'm a little surprised that 5w30 is still being recommended, since 5w20 supposedly gives the fleet a little better mpg (but that better mpg isn't likely noticeable for most drivers).



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