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  • knowledgepower 06/24/11 12:07 pm PST

    This is a dilema, either way you're going to take a hit. If you trade it with hail damage the appraiser will put a number on it that indicates he or she has no interest in the vehicle. You seem to know for sure your insurance company will total loss your vehicle and you will have to seek a salvaged title. I would seek out an independent contractor that pushes and pulls out dents one at a time, they have catchy names like Dent Wizard, etc. You can pay for this out of pocket and not have it go against the vehicle's record when trading it in because dealers sometimes will pull a Carfax. You can replace the mirror yourself.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/24/11 12:09 pm PST

    Well the real answer is not which alternative is better but which alternative is worse.

    Why do you think the title will be "wrecked"? If you're saying that the car was totaled with only $5000 amount of damage, then the car isn't worth very much anyway, and I don't think it much matters.

    If that wasn't what you meant, and you only meant that the hail damage might show up on CARFAX, and that the car wouldn't carry a salvage title if fixed up, then sure, I'd fix it, because you'll get practically nothing for it on a trade-in with $5K in hail damage.

    Dealers don't want damaged cars, period. They'd "take it off your hands" and send it right to a low-budget wholesaler.

  • suzupis 06/24/11 2:08 pm PST

    The car is a 2009 impreza w/40000 miles. A dealer said he would give me a trade in value of 11000 (after I walked out a couple times) for it with the hail damage, but said if I got it fixed first, the car facts repord would show up stating the car had major damage done to it and the trade in would be worth less (the car is in good condition otherwise). However the car also has a 100000 mile, and 4 more year warranty on it, which is transferable from owner to owner. I would think that this would negate the major issue, but am not sure.

  • knowledgepower 06/24/11 3:20 pm PST

    I'm questioning why would you trade an '09 Subaru Impreza with 40k miles in unless you're buying new. You keep mentioning the 100,000 mile transferable warranty, it's worth nothing if you leave it on the vehicle. The dealer will can give you a credit for cancelling the warranty and you can use the credit from the warranty company which will lower your payoff. You don't know what plans they have for the vehicle after it's taken in on trade. Once again if you use an independent guy who fixes dents it will not be listed on Carfax. Good luck to you on whatever decision you make.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/25/11 10:06 am PST

    the incident will not appear in CARFAX for some months, and perhaps *never* since it's not part of a police report, so it's not going to affect your trade-in if you get it fixed.


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