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  • texases 01/10/11 11:28 am PST

    No, it's not common. You need to have your car checked out. If it's losing antifreeze, it's either an external leak, or (worse) an internal leak, either into the oil (you'd see it) or the intake system, possibly through a blown head gasket. Do you put out clouds of white exhaust smoke?

  • bdorch 01/10/11 1:04 pm PST

    No smoke at all! The vehicle runs fine!

  • texases 01/10/11 1:12 pm PST

    Then you need to have a mechanic pressure test the cooling system. The leak should show up somewhere, it may be just slow enough not to show on your garage floor, or it might hit the exhaust and be evaporated before it can drip.

    Have you checked the oil? Does the oil look fine (clean, no foaming) on the dipstick?

  • bdorch 01/10/11 1:49 pm PST

    I just got an oil change on Saturday, (clean).


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