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  • zaken1 06/27/11 4:07 am PST

    The answer to whether a dual mode exhaust is worth getting depends on the type of driving you intend to do; and also depends on how you feel about driving a vehicle which is capable of making illegal and offensive (to bystanders who are not into race cars) noise levels when you accelerate hard.

    This system will improve the car's full throttle performance; but only when you either mash down on the accelerator; or if you manually open the system with the remote. If you use such a system on the street; it will lead to tickets from the police. If you use it on the streets in your home town; it will undoubtedly anger some of your neighbors; which will lead to negative consequences (that would not be advisable if you either want to keep the car or continue living in the same town).

    But let's put this issue in a real world perspective. A new Corvette with a quiet stock exhaust system has much more power than can be safely used; unless you are on a race track. So there is no practical purpose for the added power of the dual mode system if you just drive on the streets. And if you really intend to go racing a new Vette on the streets; you are either inexperienced enough to not realize how likely it is to lose control and crash a brand new car; or else you just don't care that you could kill someone (possibly even yourself; or a friend or relative who doesn't want to die or be crippled for life).

    If you buy this car to race on a track; then the system would improve its performance; but if you just want it to improve your image; then find a non destructive and less dangerous way to feel good about life.

  • vetterat 08/26/11 10:40 pm PST

    I have a 2010 Grand Sport with the NPP exhaust with a dealer installed Mild-to-Wild Switch. While it is a very easy plug n play switch, the dealer where I purchased the Corvette always installs the Mild to Wild switch. Two obvious reasons, it is cool, and they make money on it.

    With that said, I would NEVER get a Corvette without the NPP, now that the option is available. It eliminates the need to buy any other after market cat-back exhaust system, if one chooses to upgrade performance, or want a better sound.

    If I am going to church, or before 9AM, or have a headache, I leave the switch in normal operation. I don't use the radio, as the burble over run sounds awesome with the wild exhaust (butterflies open).

    I have never had a problem with local or state police. It isn't THAT loud unless you are on it. If you are on anything, including a Prius, yes, it does make noise.

  • fastdaddyo 02/02/12 11:41 pm PST

    is a cat back system or just the mufflers from flowmaster the better choice as far as increase in hp or is it just to hear a lot of noise? for a 2012 grand sport auto


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