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  • morin2 01/30/10 12:24 pm PST

    That's a thirsty one. Unfortunately, there's no magic bullet. The biggest improvements are likely to be made from gentle driving - very gentle acceleration and little braking - anticipate light changes and coast to stops. You can use hypermiling driving techniques with any vehicle and get results. These really suck down the fuel over 65 mph, so keep speed lower.

    Of course, making sure its tuned + fresh filters, energy conserving oil, and proper tire pressures are all necessary. If you're lucky enough to be located where pure gas is still sold, use it for better economy than the lousy E10 most of us have to use.

    When its time to replace tires, consider rolling resistance as a factor (if you don't need the aggressive tread designs).

  • karjunkie 01/30/10 12:59 pm PST

    Morin covered most of the bases here with a great summary of what would help. Let me add just one more: Change your PCV valve. This little $5 item is one of the biggest gas robbers when it gets clogged. You can pull it out of the valve cover and replace it in 5 minutes. If it hasn't been changed in the last 2 years, I'll bet you gas mileage improves quite a bit! Good luck!


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