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  • 0patience 06/13/08 12:52 am PST

    Understand that the stability system, traction control and ABS will default to OFF when they determine a fault.

    So, you would be driving a vehicle with no stability system working, no traction control working and no ABS.

    These vehicles really need the stability control and traction control. When these systems turn off, their driving characteristics change drastically.

    I would strongly recommend having it checked out before your trip.
    It could be something simple or not.

    Personally, if my vehicle's stability control wasn't working properly, I wouldn't drive it on a long trip. But that's only my opinion.

  • scanman1 03/27/11 7:38 am PST

    Agree with Opat. If you werent going on such a long trip, it wouldnt be such a hard decision. Your family deserves the protection.

  • isellhondas 03/27/11 3:12 pm PST

    I guess we werre lucky to have survived without those things but I agree with the others. At least have it looked at.

  • jasonm9 05/20/13 11:41 am PST

    how did it do? We are about to make a long trip and the same thing, same lights came on for us.. now i'm reading about all these other people who had the whole front end up lock up, etc. and I'm starting to become very scared at the prospect of taking a trip. If at all possible, could you reply to my email at smackdab.morris@gmail.com. I have a wife and 4 kids going with me on the trip that we're taking in 2 weeks.


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