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  • andys120 03/15/08 8:28 pm PST

    Look into the prices of replacement or rebuilt transmissions you'll likely decide that $100-$150 bucks for a D&F every 60K or so is cheap insurance.

    Knowing that the A/Ts in my BMW 5 series are known for premature failures, I elected to ignore BMW's recommendation to consider them "lifetime lubricated" and instead replaced my Fluid/Filter at 60K and will do so again at 120K. It's still going strong @ 1o4K and thank God for that, a replacement costs $5 or $6K w labor.

    Use a synthetic.

  • wern10 03/15/08 9:01 pm PST

    andys120 is rite.think about this,as your transmission spins,stops heats up cools down long drives,short drives,stops and goes,the moving parts shed metal shavings and these shavings get caught in the filter and thus protects your trans.as the filter protects it fills up with this debris and the pumps in the trans have to work harder and they get hotter and the clutches distort and eventually,sooner than what most people want,a premature transmission failure hits them in the face with a 5-6000 dollar repair. so yes recommended fluid and filter changes are very essential,believe it or not "normal" driving conditions are really the hardest on a trans. stop and go driving and all the cooling system thats in place to help cant,so you get heat build up and so on and so forth.

    Source: understanding automatic transmissions.public library

  • texases 04/10/08 2:02 pm PST

    60,000 miles is fine, but don't let the dealer or shop try to talk you into rediculously frequent changes. My dealer tried to make me do it at 15,000 (threatened to withhold warranty stamp), so I never went back.

  • 77civic 05/09/08 10:10 am PST

    You should aways change the trans fuild when due. Most newer cars (2000) have a drain plug and won't require you to change the filter. Just drian and refill. The filters are now wire screens and not made from fiber or paper like the older ones. Also be sure that you add the correct fuild. Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, Nissan ect... now all have their own whale oil as it may be. Use only the fuild recommended or you will have shifting troubles possible harm to the transmission.


  • monty107718 08/20/09 12:38 pm PST

    Have a 2000 camry. Never added or changed and it stll runs great.

  • wrightone 02/16/10 6:42 pm PST

    Yes it is transmission fluid breaks down just like any other fluids and your filter will clog and that will do a lot damge.

  • cjudge2 01/10/11 12:15 pm PST

    Change it or have it flushed at recommended mileage, and yes we still have filters in our cars and trucks at least my 01 and 06 and 10 do, now if it is a used car with high mileage and it hasn't been done on a schedule, I'd think twice about doing it if it isn't having problems,


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