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  • karjunkie 11/10/08 6:46 am PST

    Go to www.tirerack.com and enter your year, make and model. Click on the “tires” section. They will suggest the best sellers and have extensive consumer reviews of the best tires for all types of use, including winter use. The correct alternate size for your wheels would be 235/55R17 in order to keep the overall wheel/tire circumference the same as your existing tires. I have bought many sets of Kumho tires on that site and they are great performers at a moderate price. Another all season tire I had good results with on my SUV is the Yokohama Avid which is a few dollars more than the Kumhos but lasted longer. I prefer to mount winter tires during the snow months and bought them from Tire Rack mounted on steel wheels and they cost me less than just the cost of the tires locally and they delivered to my door. Makes it very easy to switch and get maximum traction in the snow and ice. Good luck on your choice!

  • macford 11/10/08 4:46 pm PST

    I used to work for a couple different tire places mounting and balancing tires so I have a little bit of experience when it comes to swapping tires over and changing sizes. Karjunkie is correct in stating you would need a 235/55/17 to keep the overall size of the tire the same as to not mess with anything computer wise on your vehicle.

    One tire that was number 1 on consumer reports for the car version is the Fortera Tripletread. It costs more than most tires, but lasts longer and provides extreme traction in all weather. The money you save overall from not replacing your tires every 25,000 miles will make it well worth the cost up front. The tires come with a 60,000 mile warranty that covers tread life. So if you wear them out at 30,000 mile you get a 50% pro-ration towards the next set. I know for a fact sears does a great job with warranties and does a great job with putting tires on and taking them off. If you have any further questions feel free to ask me at any time!

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  • dan8888 01/30/10 9:36 pm PST

    I have the same dilemma. I just want to comment on the previous commentors' responses, I'm not a tire expert. It seems that the 235/65/17 IS the closest in size to the 225/65/17. i found a tire size calculator here: http://www.discounttiredirect.com/direc

    The 235/55/17 looks like it has a significantly smaller diameter. Can anyone comment on why this would be better than the 235/65/17?


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