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  • Stever@Edmunds 03/27/08 3:51 pm PST


    That stuff is just wax. It's a big profit center for the dealers. Look up "mop and glow" around the forum here for more. And don't buy the fabric protection either (Scotchgard at $8 a can works as well).

    And check your owner's manual. Car fabrication and paint is so much better these days that one of my car manuals just recommends washing the car with water and occasionally mild soap - is doesn't even recommend waxing, much less spending $300 bucks on a "protective" coating.

    Black cars are hard to keep looking clean btw. Some people like using a "California duster" between washes to keep the dirt down.

    Congrats on the new ride!


  • andys120 03/27/08 3:55 pm PST

    I assume you are talking about a paint sealer or wax of some kind, if so $350.00 is a rip off. I can have a complete detailing with a hand wax done in my local area for less than $200. See www.concordautospa.com for more info, especially in the "wax vs. sealants" section.

    Source: http://www.concordautospa.com/

  • greyhnd001 10/14/08 7:54 pm PST

    Fairfax Honda in VA wanted 595 for that treatment on the spot. They realy pushed it so I assumed it was close to a scam.


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