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  • obyone 12/08/08 12:26 am PST

    This solution may seem over simplistic. Have you tried disconnecting your battery for 10 minutes, reconnecting, and see if your results are the same? I don't see how jump starting the car would affect the A/C controls unless of course you connected the batteries opposite poles but that would result in a big spark when trying to connect and no way would you be able to jump start the car.

  • syriusdad 12/08/08 10:49 am PST

    Thanks and I tried disconnecting the Battery and the end results were the same, I can't understand what else could be making it act up and I also noticed a drop in my temperature gauge, it reads between 0 and 210 and the norm for my vehicle is 210.I checked the radiator and it is has plenty of coolant but no coolant in the overflow. This has my main mechanic baffled as to what it could be..............this guy has done everything mechanicaly to my truck that has needed to be done from minor to major repair and hes lost on this one.
    I am too................
    Are their hidden relays that maybe poped when I reconeccted the battery, or what about electeical issues , but it seems as though when promted to function by turning the knobs it's confused as to what to do and it tries to do both, cool and heat and the fan will blow fast and then slow hot and then cold and then start all over again, could it be vacuum related somewhere.................I'm already out $410.00 for parts and if I have to take it to a dealer then I'm really going to be out some $$$$$$$, because they charge an arm and a leg just to take it in service......................PLease Help !

  • frodo0614 01/06/12 6:26 pm PST

    well i am no certified mechanic but to be honest i would at least suggest checking to see if it is your heater core. Mine was acting up that way too, went to autozone and bought a 4 dollar bottle of stuff that fixes small leaks u could try that. Otherwise maybe u will have to replace the whole heater core. I know its a pain

  • reitz_ie 05/28/12 7:12 pm PST

    I had just got a similiar problem fixed on our Bravada. It was always blowing heat, not pleasant once it started warming up. I knew the heater core needed to be replaced, not necessarily related to the issue. But there is a small motor called the blend door control. It is on the heater box housing. It was not operating and when we had it all apart to do the core I took this motor apart and cleaned, greased and checked it with a 12volt power source. It seemed to be working fine after this. It could of been just stuck, not sure. But after it was all assembled it was all working and the heat stopped blowing all the time. This was my case, and the only way to access this is to pull the dash to get to the heater core box. It took us about 8-9 hours to take apart and put back together. It is a small black box on the upper right corner and is approximately 3"x5", probably smaller than that. Although now I'm chasing a A\C leak.


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