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  • flaaveo 03/29/08 12:39 am PST

    NO! If you are still having this sticking problem,and you have a warranty on your car. Take it to the dealer and get it fixed! If you are out of the warranty time, or dont want to go there. You can put DRY lubricant on the KEY...it is a graphite powder, that is used for just this issue. Buy it at any parts store...and it is cheap.

    You can spray some in the car door locks,that is what most car makers say to do. I dont know if you are suppose to spray even THAT into the lock on the ignition. But dont spray WD-40 into any lock. It will gum it up over time.

    They make the graphite powder for the door locks, that I am sure of. I don't know if it can go into the ignition lock. Ask the dealer. IF it is the ignition you are talking about. Ask the dealer,if you dont have a warranty to cover the repair.

    Source: I own a 2006 Aveo. And take good care of it.

  • luckins 03/29/08 8:29 am PST

    Thanks! I don't seem to have this problem any longer, or at least not as much as I used to. I have another problem that may involve changing the ignition lock anyway, so I think that would take care of this problem in the first place.

  • helpifican1 11/03/08 9:19 am PST

    I use a product called Slipit Spray Lubricant. Works very well in keylocks.


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