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  • dan_juls 11/14/10 5:01 pm PST

    Most sedans are rated from the manufacturer with a 1,000 lbs towing capacity. There are a few trailer/hitch companies that sell tow packages for these that say they can tow up to 3500 lbs. But that would void manufacturer warranties if you tow that much. Recently there are some new crossover models, more sedan like and less SUV like that should be able to tow 3500 lbs, the Taurus X, Toyota Venza are two examples that list a 3500 lbs tow capacity with a proper tow package.

  • morin2 11/14/10 10:49 pm PST

    The max tow rating for a Venza is 2500 lbs. Your towing equipment would also need to be rated at 2500 min to be able to tow that much. You cannot increase your vehicle's tow rating by attaching a hitch with a higher rating.

    The 09 Taurus X is rated at 2000 lbs max.

    Neither vehicle would be of much use for towing with their front-drive versions. The AWD versions would be acceptable up to their rated limits for short trips and level ground - and only if equipped with trans coolers. When towing close to the limit on the highway - always lock out O/D.

    Experienced towers who must tow heavy loads long-distance or over hilly roads try to tow with only body on frame vehicles and keep the loads to no more than 75% of rated capacity. Remember that passengers and gear count against your tow limit.

    I'd be looking for something like a Toyota 4Runner or FJ Cruiser to tow 3000 lbs capably. Used ones hold their value well. A Chevy Trailblazer could do it for less cost, but its reliability is not up to the Toyota.

    Never exceed your vehicle tow capacity - its dangerous to you and to others on the road.

  • dan_juls 11/14/10 11:17 pm PST

    2011 Toyota Venza both V6 models are rated at 3500lbs towing. see toyota.com says so right in their brochure for the Venza!

    the Taurus X is only 2000 lbs the site I was looking at was incorrect. Thank you for your info.

  • morin2 11/14/10 11:40 pm PST

    I stand corrected. The 4 cyl 2011 Venza is rated 2500 while the v-6 is 3500 max. While both FWD and AWD versions are rated the same, the FWD Venza owner will be disappointed with the behavior of this vehicle if towing near the max rating.

    I believe the OP is interested in a "late model" used vehicle and not a new one. The Venza was new for 2009, so that might be too new for this poster.

    If towing frequently or for long distances or over hilly terrain, its important to "use enough truck" and not try to get by with a marginal car to do a truck's job.


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