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  • qbrozen 03/19/08 12:48 pm PST

    not all leases have it, but it is not uncommon.

  • gforce11 03/19/08 12:54 pm PST

    yes it is quite common, however, not all lenders will charge you that. It is also called a "disposition fee". Some lenders, like Acura, do not charge that.

  • jmorrow 03/19/08 1:08 pm PST

    Your fine the fee is only if you turn in the Jeep. Not if keep it, trade it, or go back into another lease with Jeep. In fact a lease is the best way to ever buy a Jeep they hold there value so well you’re residual is really high. That about much you Jeep is worth at the end of your lease according to how many mile lease you are on. The great thing is you will never own it unless you keep it after your lease is up; the only way you own a car is if you pay cash for because the bank owns it if you finance it. It keeps you from ever being upside down on your trade in. O ya the interest rate on a lease is great almost nothing a standard lone in 5-8% so you can save tons of money on a lease.

    Source: Jeep Salesman

  • lfisher1 06/29/09 3:07 am PST

    this is much more common with independent banks. They will also have a fee tacked on if you buy it. they have you both ways. this is not as common with manufacturers own leasing company.


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