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  • boomchek 04/27/09 2:27 pm PST

    A tire shop or your Honda dealer can tell you how much it would cost.

    I believe the PAX system also uses special wheel that are not compatible with normal tires, so you might have to replace both the tires and rims.

  • bigdadi118 05/02/09 6:24 pm PST


    they have a video to show DE-PAX 4 plus the spare.

  • esk114 06/22/09 8:51 pm PST

    As stated above, episode 131 of the College Hills webcast shows exactly what you'll need.
    Here's some price comparions & benefits.

    My local Honda dealership wanted just shy of $1400 to replace only the tires on my Pax rims. Then, another $245 for the spare-tire and mounting kit. Incidentally, seems DePaxing is sweeping the country. The local Honda dealer couldn't find a single one in the state (Georgia). Closest is N.C. Could be ordered but takes a week. The other local shops (salvage, junk, 3rd-party) stated they couldn't keep them in stock, and, were only slightly less than the dealer.

    For less than that $1400, I presented the College Hills video and other documentation to my local tire shop (Kaufman). In 1-day, they got all the items and got things mounted. BTW, mine was the first one they've ever done, thus, a few headaches, but, they are now ready to DePax anyones.
    I got: 4-new Michelin tires, 4-new rims, all the usual new tire work (alignment, balance, etc.), and, the TMPS was transferrable with no problems.
    Now, when the tires go bad, I'm not at the mercy of the non-caring, socially unacceptable dealers. No more getting pigeon-holed into buying their only service at a high-price.


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