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  • knowledgepower 03/31/10 11:15 pm PST

    If your truck runs good then maybe keep using regular oil. Synthetic oil keeps it's viscosity at higher temperatures and is less likely to thin out. Once you start using synthetic it's best to continue usage and not go back and forth. It is expensive. If you drive a lot such as a lot of stop and go traffic it may be for you. Try an Edmunds forum on synthetic vs regular oil and see what they have to say.

  • Stever@Edmunds 03/31/10 11:21 pm PST

    We could spent weeks - nay, years, debating the oil wars. I don't think synthetic has any advantage over regular oil in normal use. Maybe if you had a high performance engine. Or maybe if you live in Barrow or Fairbanks. Or maybe if you own a car brand with engines that have a reputation for sludging up.

    I don't think it's going to help or hurt your oil consumption, unless you have a leak or blow-by, in which case synthetic could make it worse (per Valvoline).

    You can certainly try it if you like. Switching between synthetic and conventional oil does not cause problems. Because the oils are compatible, you can switch back and forth as often as you like. (per that Valvoline link).

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  • zaken1 03/31/10 11:44 pm PST

    The effectiveness of switching to synthetic oil to reduce oil consumption depends greatly on the viscosity of the oil selected. Synthetic oils are typically made in a lower actual viscosity than regular oils with the same viscosity designation. Because of their lower viscosity; they create less friction, which improves fuel efficiency and also increases engine life. But I have seen many vehicles with more than 50,000 miles on them changed over to synthetic and actually begin consuming more oil, as a result of the reduction in viscosity. This usually happens when so called "energy conserving" synthetic oil grades are used. There are a few specific high performance oriented synthetic oil grades which will not increase oil consumption; but these are not the everyday grades that most people buy. The one synthetic oil that creates lowest oil consumption and also provides the most effective lubrication is Mobil 1; in only their 0W-40 grade. 0W-40 is a European formula, which was designed for performance engines with piston clearances that are more similar to your engine, rather than the super tight clearances which are used in the new Japanese engines. I use it in my Chrysler V-8 motor, and found it worked MUCH better than other synthetic oil grades. It reduced my oil consumption, quieted the motor, and noticeably improved the power. So that's the only synthetic oil I would recommend. It is available from any place that sells Mobil 1 oil; although not all stores stock it. But it can be ordered from any Mobil distributor.


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