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  • brian61170 05/21/11 3:45 pm PST


    Sorry for the delayed response - I dont really get on here much anymore. I had the whole wiring harness replaced at the dealer. It was about 800.00 for the labor and I think about 400.00 for the actual harness. The wiring harness actually will shrink over time and due to heating up and getting cold and it would actually pull some sensors away far enough to give bad signals to other units giving false errors. A new wiring harness is the easiest fix but unfortunately probably the most expensive. In short the wiring harness should have had a couple extra inches at the terminating ends and this would not have happened. If you are mechanically inclined and have the time you could save on the labor cost. Good Luck
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  • brian61170 05/21/11 3:58 pm PST

    after reading your questions again

    The bumps your hitting are probably helping the connectors pull apart. There is already tension from the wiring harness shrinking and the bumps are just speeding it up. I never used any grease at all - after I found out what was going on I just replaced it. The guys at the shop said this is a pretty common occurence with the rodeo's. In the beginning I had changed out something to do with throtle control and that did not work. So the only real fix for it is the wiring harness. I dont know if they have deemed it as a recall yet but it should have been - I think it has to be a safety issue first before they do that but I personally think it is. Let me know if you need anymore info.

  • brendt 05/21/11 8:45 pm PST

    Actually Brian I fixed the problem with the lose connection. It wasn't the two large wiring harnesses to the computer- like the dealer told me. It was the single main wiring harness (100 wires bundeled together) as it is grounded by a bolt to the right side of the engine. Because the ground bolt was not tight it wasn't partly shutting the computer down when the car hit a bump.

    Those dealers out there are trying to make money. I can understand- but it really is a shame that they couldn't check the ground connection first and be honest with me.

    Before spending BIG BUCKs on things like wiring harnesses and modules and PCM's ---get a second or third opinion.
    Thats my two cents for all that reads this.


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