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  • MrShift@Edmunds 10/29/10 10:29 am PST

    This question appears to be directed to Zaken1

  • dobbin22 10/29/10 10:53 am PST

    I've relisted the question to Zaken1. Should be okay this time. Thanks.

  • zaken1 10/29/10 11:22 am PST

    Both of your requests for my response came through. The problem seems to be that the question was displayed on the site with no indication that it has been addressed to a specific person.

    I'd definitely try to find a MUA/RMN transmission. They do exist, and if none are available locally; you can either do an Internet search for used Isuzu parts specialists; or contact a local auto wrecker who has a nationwide parts locating hotline, and ask them to put out a request for a 24 spline transmission on that line. The spline count will make the transmission easy to identify.

    It would be a very intimidating task for a mechanic to move the shaft over to another transmission; It probably will turn out that other parts will not match in such a conversion. So I would avoid that option like the plague.

  • dobbin22 10/29/10 11:50 am PST

    Zaken1 - I'd definitely try to find a MUA/RMN transmission. They do exist, and if none are available locally...

    Thanks for the reply. So the MUA will substitue for the RMN? That's good.

    Think I could find one in the states or canada? If you know of a transmission number other than RMU or RMN I'd like to know to use a reference finding it.


  • zaken1 10/29/10 9:41 pm PST

    The 5 speed MUA tranmission is numbered MUA5-CT. That transmission was made by Isuzu and used in V-6 powered Isuzu Troopers from 1990 to 2002. So it should be relatively easy to find.

    There was another 5 speed transmission which was also used in some V-6 Troopers from 1998-2002. It was made by Aisin, also has a 24 spline input shaft, and was numbered AR5. Since both of these transmissions were used with the same motor; I think there is a good chance that they are interchangeable. Aisin is known for the quality of its products; which are commonly used in Toyotas; and since that transmission was only used with the larger 3.5 liter V-6 (while the MUA was used with the earlier 2.8; 3.1; and 3.2 motors, as well with the 3.5); my sense is that the Aisin, which was introduced in 1998 along with the 3.5 motor, may be more durable than the older design Isuzu MUA transmission.

    There might be some minor external differences between the two transmissions; but my sense is that they were made to be interchangeable.


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