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  • karjunkie 01/30/09 7:27 am PST

    I think you have two separate problems. A grinding noise when turning left or right is usually a worn out brake pad or the metal heat shield rubbing on the brake rotor. Check the pad first and look at the rotor for gouging of the metal. If all looks OK there, you can push the metal heat shield back away from the rotor with a long screwdriver through the wheel spokes. It could also be the beginning of a bad wheel bearing but I doubt it. If it was the wheel bearing you would hear the noise go up and down with the speed of the car. I suspect your second problem is the front shocks/struts are worn and bottoming out when you turn on an incline. That is the clunk you hear. Good luck!

  • robert137 02/03/09 9:57 pm PST

    The noise could be the outside universal joint on your drive axle. I do not know if your vehicle has front hubs but check that if you have them.


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