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  • karjunkie 09/16/08 6:07 am PST

    First I would check my fuel filter. Diesels will build up quite a bit of gunk in that filter. Secondly, I would run 2-3 tanks of B100 Biodiesel as it will leave the insides of the engine squeaky clean. Make sure you replace the fuel filter after the first 500 miles using B100 as it will be clogged with all the junk you clean out.

  • carlottagood 09/16/08 6:44 am PST

    Hi karjunkie,  Brand new oil and fuel filters.  Biodiesel is not available unless I plunk down $250 and drive an hour to fill up.  Looking for mechanics guidance.  Thanks for your input.  carlotta good

  • karjunkie 09/16/08 4:01 pm PST

    Hi Carlotta: I would try the Car Talk Mechanics Files at


    Enter your zipcode and you will get all the mechanics in your area that are highly recommended by your fellow consumers. Look for one that specializes in Jeeps or Diesel repair and take it in to have him check the vehicle out. It sounds strange that you get so much black smoke from a modern diesel. I suspect you have something wrong with the fuel rail. A mechanic can measure pressure at the fuel rail for you. Good luck!


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