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    Refer to the radio code card supplied with your vehicle or ask your dealer for the correct code.(You may have to provide proof of ownership)
    When the car is parked with ignition key removed the anti-theft LED will flash.
    To Enter The Code
    After installation or when the set has been disconnected from power, the set displays "COdE" when it is switched on. Enter the 4-digit code using the preset buttons. If the correct code is entered, "on" is displayed and the set is ready to use.
    If you enter an incorrect code you must enter the correct code again from the beginning.
    Incorrect Code
    "rPt" Error Code.
    "EEEE" Error Code.
    If an incorrect code has been entered "rPt" or " EEEE" is displayed. Enter the correct code. After three unsuccessful coding attempts the set will lock and remain locked for two hours . "OFF" is displayed.
    After two hours have elapsed, re-enter the correct code.
    During the two hours waiting period:
    the battery must be connected.
    the ignition key must be turned to position I
    The unit must be turned on
    Make sure the headlights are turned off to help prevent battery drain. Enter the code again once this time has elapsed.


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