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  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/19/13 12:55 pm PST

    If the dealer's service department (NOT the sales department) told you they wouldn't fit, I'd tend to believe them. it would be nice to get an explanation however.

    Aftermarket vendors often have errors in their catalogs so i wouldn't say that third party listings trump the dealer's opinion.

  • texases 07/19/13 1:07 pm PST

    How much were the wheels going to cost? I'd check out prices at tirerack.com and get a complete set of steel wheels, mounted and balanced, with TPS sensors if neeed, delivered to me.

  • sequoias_rock 10/01/13 5:47 pm PST

    Thanks for the answers. Sorry I'm so late on following up.

    Mr.Shift - The salesman said the parts manager told him the rims would not fit and that they would not take the rims back if they didn't fit. I got a good deal so I decided to take the rims and resell them on ebay if they would not fit. Lo and Behold when I picked up the rims the salesman told me that the parts manager said that they would fit after all. I'm convinced it was just a ploy by the sales people to increase their profit. I also did a test fit myself and there was plently of clearence all around.

    Texas - I'm in Canada and not sure ordering across the border from tirerack.com would be cost efficient. I'm not sure we have a good equivalent here. So I think I will just order the snows from my local tire shop as they have been very resonable in the past.

    P.S. - I really like the look of the rims, much better than the black "spare tire" rims they tried to stick me with.

    Thanks again


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