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  • thecardoc3 11/13/11 4:35 pm PST

    You can use ECO all the time if you choose to.

  • chargersxt10 01/04/15 4:19 pm PST

    I have used ECO mode on and off. If you are doing city driving, I recommend not using it as you may be constantly stop and go. As ECO mode adjusts the throttle, it make the car a tad sluggish going from 0 mph to 25ish mph. I recommend to use it when you are traveling at a faster speed such as 45 and up and it is consistent, such as highway driving. I use it only during highway travel as the speed is consistent. You will notice alot of saved MPG's during highway travel with ECO mode on.

    Source: From my experience and personal opinion.


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