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  • docj 02/24/09 2:28 pm PST

    Ok,water pump is driven by the timing belt.
    Labor to replace the water pump and timing belt is 3.5 hours.
    That would include removal and replacement of the accessory drive belts.
    May charge additional fee for crank/cam timing relearn..requires special equipment.may include in repair.

    Hoses....Upper radiator hose .7 hrs
    .............Lower radiator hose .8 hrs

    Heater hoses show....1.1 hrs for hose fro head to return tube
    .............................. .5 hrs for one heater hose,each additional .2 hrs
    .5 hrs return tube to water pump

    Depends on which labor time guide the shop uses....

    Hope this helps

    Doc J

  • mastertech19 04/27/09 5:18 pm PST

    i would say would be in the 4 hour range

  • oldfarmer50 06/29/09 7:50 am PST

    Had that done on my Cirrus (same car) with the 6-cyl. and the labor was 4 hours as I recall. You would think Chrysler would put a part that needs regular replacement in a more easy to reach spot.

    Source: my check book


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