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  • chevyman86 08/18/09 1:05 am PST

    dose the exaust smell sweet? did you replace the thermostat if so did you get all the air out of the system a good trick to get air out of the system is gut a radiator cap out put a little coolant in the resivor and run the vehicle when the thermostat opens it will suck coolant out of the resivour and air will come out then start adding to the resivor untill it stops going down and no more bubbles come out then let the engin cool and put good radiator cap on

  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/18/09 1:29 am PST

    If you have a Freelander, check for coolant leakage into the crankcase. These engines have known head gasket and engine block problems. If the cylinder liners have dropped down into the block, there's no remedy, I'm sorry---new engine.

  • mom62650 09/04/09 10:53 am PST

    This is exactly how my problems with a 2003 freelander began. From what I read, all the problems center on the head gasket defect, and the overheating and leakage cause the additional problems such as the fans and timing belt. In hindsight, I wish I had traded the vehicle after I replaced the fans, thermostat and temperature gauge.


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