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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/16/08 11:50 am PST

    Your question is unclear. Please clarify. Are you saying the indicator in the dash doesn't work but the signal outside the car does work? Are you saying that they both work sometime?

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  • mac52 03/16/08 3:11 pm PST

    Neither the dash light or the left hand indicators (front, rear or side repeater) work. Checked the flashers while the Hazard lights were on and they were fine. Therefore, bulbs OK.

  • warrengixx 05/12/08 3:29 pm PST

    Hi I have a 2000 model Grand Cherokee 3.1 Turbo Diesel with the same problem. Would like to know if anyone else found a solution yet?

  • Jeeepy 02/04/09 8:25 am PST

    Hi the poblem you have is the same as mine, remove the flasher relay clean the terminals and replace it, should cure your problem if not get a new relay look at wiki answers someone else has had the same. Link below. Relay location not great, above fuses bunch of relays its the talest one hope the helps.

    Source: wiki.answers.com/Q/2001_jeep_grand_cher

  • texrebal 02/06/09 12:53 pm PST

    I had the same problem. I replaced multifunction switch and this didnt fix turn signal. So I finally replaced turn signal flasher and that did the trick. It takes a little work to reach it though. I removed the bottom panel (plastic) below steering wheel to reach it. Just becareful of airbag deployment. I located flasher then I disconnect my ground cable of battery before I did any work to be on safe side. I spent about 150 dollars trying to fix problem before I found out it was flasher. By the way there is only one flasher for all signals (hazard,turn etc.). Alex

  • laurenrogers 12/14/11 9:52 pm PST

    Hi there

    I also have the same car & the same problem!
    Right Indicator, Hazards & all lights work. Just trouble with left Indicator.
    Sometimes Indicator will work on its own, other times i would have to quickly turn hazards on and off and that would make the left indicator stay on. It has a brand new bulb and we had all new fuses not long ago.
    I took it to an electrician who told me i need a part from singapore which will cost $400! Can anyone help? Or did you find out what was wrong?
    Would be really helpful. Thankyou.

  • myval402 01/07/12 7:25 pm PST

    Hi guys, i know this was posted in 2008 and i hope everyone has fixed the problem with the Jeeps turn signals not working but the hazards do. I have fixed the problem. It is the flasher unit located behind the paneling under the steering wheel. I repaired it at no cost, all you need is a soldering iron. After you pull the flasher unit out, open it up and re-solder the terminal connections to the circuit board. Some of them had hair-line cracks in them but mainly on one side, the other side is the hazard light connections. I have found that alot of people have the same problem that i did but no one has posted that they have fixed it or how to fix it so i hope this helps alot of people out. I am from Australia so i hope the the right hand drive that i have are the same for left hand.

  • Stever@Edmunds 01/07/12 11:08 pm PST

    Thanks Myval402, other owners will see this thread via a net search and the more help offered, the better.

  • gisell05 02/12/12 11:18 am PST

    Thank you everyone, just got a 2000 Jeep Grand Cheroke and am having the same problem. was afraid it was going to cost me a lot of $$$ to fix. will have my brother who is a mechanic take a look at your answers and hopefully he can fix it for me. :-)


  • markeoni 11/03/15 12:53 am PST

    Can anyone make it easy way how to fix it , I'm having hard time to understand what is flasher unit ? , where it is ? And where the wires I have to re connect ?


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