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  • morin2 12/22/11 6:24 pm PST

    This vehice is not known for reliability. On the contrary, it has a reputation as being a good choice for the automotive masochist. You should avoid it. There are, well, hundreds of better choices.

    I'm surprised someone had the patience and bank account to get to 205K miles with one.

  • gehr 12/22/11 7:35 pm PST

    Thank you for your answer...I'm just don't know the first thing about Land Rovers! Does it really cost hundreds of dollars everytime you have to take them in?

  • texases 12/22/11 9:35 pm PST

    Hundreds, certainly, thousands, sometimes. These are the worst-rated vehicles in Consumer Reports, they're famous for expensive issues. A friend had the dealer buy back his NEW one because they couldn't fix all the problems.

    Run away!

  • Stever@Edmunds 12/22/11 11:24 pm PST

    The price sounds too high, ignoring their reliability reputation.

    You can appraise it here at Edmunds.


  • gehr 12/22/11 11:38 pm PST

    Again, much appreciation to all of the feedback. Ok...if it were closer to $3000-4000 do you think it would be worth it? Even if I just drove the heck out of it for a couple of years?

  • morin2 12/22/11 11:41 pm PST

    You will soon want to drive the heck out of it - right off a cliff. It is not worth the cost of the registration fees or the first tank of gas.

    It would probably be cheaper if you simply asked your mechanic to send you the tuition bills for his 4 kids and you could pay it all directly - than to do so indirectly by owning a Disco II.

  • Stever@Edmunds 12/23/11 8:45 am PST

    Take a look at the Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II discussion in the Edmunds Forums. You can use the same member name and password as here if you want to ask other owners in there if they would buy their Disco II again. Lots of owners have a love/hate relationship - love them when they run but hate the repair bills. Post 4915 in there is good.

    They still aren't as bad as Freelanders I don't think. :-)


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