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  • karjunkie 06/09/09 6:14 pm PST

    No, the blender door simply opens and shuts depending on what vent the air is directed to. A "door" does not control or change the temperature of anything. Its basically a plastric flap that opens and closes depending on what vents you select.

  • dsmrider 05/14/10 6:37 pm PST

    I have the same problem I am trying to figure out let me know if figured it out. I know its a vacuum problem, I just don't understand how this system could have worked in the first place I am suspecting a bad vacuum check valve.

  • onebad240sx 08/02/10 3:13 pm PST

    I have an 2004 Aviator, im having similar problems, i took it to the dealer for a diagnostic, and they did the dirty work for me, either your blend door actuator is bad or the actual blend door which redirects air from the cabin or fresh air from the outside is broke and it staying in one position, making it incapable of switching modes to control the direction of the air, Ha Ha Ha the dealer quote me 975.00 dollars for this job, they say the actuator and the blend door are only approximately 100.00 dollars for parts and the remainding 900.00 are for labor, [violative content deleted], well i doont think so, im gonna reoplace these parts myself , if ur mechanically inclined u can do it in approximately 5 hours or so, but off course the dealer is out to make money from you and they say its a 9 hour job, so they will take their sweet ass time if u know what i mean, me i will get a Chilston manual, remove the dash, remove the evaporator, and replace the door or the actuator which ever is bad? i will take pictures and post in a couple weeks, i hope thios helps, this days u got to save every penny, good luck....


  • ernigil 10/12/10 9:13 pm PST


    I have the same problem with my aviator!! Did you fix it???

  • lincoln_man 06/24/15 6:28 pm PST

    I have the exact same problem. Has anyone fixed theirs and what was the final cause and fix?


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