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  • fatmando 08/17/08 2:34 pm PST

    did you locate the fuse panel? look on the back/inside of the cover to discover the map to the fuse locations inside the panel.

  • rbbartho 08/17/08 4:51 pm PST

    Thanks for answering.

    I removed the cover to the fuse block under the hood but no radio fuse label.
    Must be somewhere else.

  • mess20 08/18/08 2:19 pm PST

    For a 2001 Dodge Caravan: The owner's manual is vague, only stating that all fuses are under the hood in the fuse box, no diagrams. Once you have removed the fusebox cover, the diagrams for what each fuse does is provided under the lid. UNCLEARLY marked is the radio fuse, a 20amp fuse located 2nd row from top to the right of the accessory relay. It is marked: RDO/IP IGN. For me, with a dead radio, the problem was NOT the radio fuse, but instead the 40amp, BCM #1. This is the body control module (I think that is the terminology) I pulled it, pushed it back in and heard a click like a reset. Then, my radio worked just fine! Good luck!

  • rbbartho 08/18/08 2:24 pm PST

    I FOUND IT...Your right, it was NOT CLEARLY marked.

    Replaced fuse..All ok now.


  • waggawee 08/20/08 12:47 pm PST

    Pull out the radio and at the back you'll see the fuse, it's the glass type fuse. It carries 2 fuse one at the kick panel in the fuse box, it should label radio and one behind the radio it self.

    Source: auto electrican


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