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  • dipgrngalaxie 12/13/09 6:05 pm PST

    I recently posted same question - '03 Crown Vic. Have since traced Haynes engine wiring diagrams. Pre '98 shows engine coolant temp sensor. '98 and up does not. Perhaps air intake temp sensor and cyl head temp sensor are performing this function now. Pre -98 diags show ECT on extension of circuit containing air intake sensor. It is completely absent from '98 and up diags. This would make me think it's been eliminated. Infact, on 4.6, you can see a flat round pad on intake manifold behind thermostat where ECT used to go. The aluminum section of manifold is now cast without a hole in the pad. Crown Vic has a funny looking sensor bolted to a stud which extends from intake manifold, right in front of thermostat. It's a black plastic box about 1/2" square x approx 1/4" thick at the end of a metal tongue about 1" long. Metal tongue bolts onto stud on intake manifold. Single wire goes into black box section. Perhaps related?


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