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  • magnum10 07/24/08 2:09 pm PST

    I Would Look In To a

    Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid 1HY 4WD
    MSRP: $53,260
    Invoice: $49,532

    Standard Engine:

    6.0L V8, 16 valve, 332 hp @ 5100 rpm, Hybrid - Electric

    • 4 speed automatic transmission
    • 20 mpg city / 20 mpg hwy
    • Green Rating: Unavailable

  • texases 07/24/08 2:39 pm PST

    ML/GL Mercedes diesels would also do it. How much $$?

  • canddmeyer 07/25/08 5:40 am PST

    Keep what you have. It's more expensive to replace your Explorer than it is to add gas. You tow about 600 miles a year, so MPG is hardly an issue. Even at 10MPG, that's only $270 or so in gas at current prices. A replacement vehicle will cost far more. Last but not least, I don't know of anything on the market that can do what you're wanting. Get a second vehicle that gets good MPG, like a base model 4-cyl Elantra, Sonata, Fusion, Altima, etc., and keep your Explorer for when you need a tow vehicle or other occasions as mentioned.

    I have a 4Runner and an Accord. One averages 15.3 mpg, the other 27+ mpg, and those averages are with approximately 60% city driving because I have a short commute to work. My suggestion is to keep the Explorer and to buy an economy car. Less outlay, better mpg, and you still keep your tow vehicle.


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