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  • zolecki 01/18/09 11:21 pm PST

    The Pilot holds 8 people where as the Toyota only holds 5, the Yukon and Tahoe hold 9.
    The Pilot gets 17-23 mpg.

  • teachermom66 10/18/11 11:24 pm PST

    I just wanted to respond to the previous posting where someone said that the Toyota only held 5. This might be true for the Rav4 but the Highlander that I have seats 7 and is very comfortable. As for mpg's - it really varies but I probably average at about 22 mpg. City has been about 17 - 19 mpg and highway is about 24 - 26 although I tend to be a fast/assertive driver . . . not good for mpg's. My husband can get 28 mpg's on the highway when he drives my car. If you are going to use the rear seat on a regular basis, you will not have much in the way of storage. That is the negative. I only use the third row when my kids' friends are with us or carpooling. I would not use it for daily use unless storage is not an issue for you although it does split which can be helpful (6 passengers then room for storage). A trip to the beach requires a Thule on top when the car is full. Hope info helps. Good luck!


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