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  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/13/09 6:38 pm PST

    No easy way to know but what you can do is disconnect the line at the clutch master, and then buy a threaded plug (or even a bolt) to fit into the hole where the line came out. Then you fill the master, pump it up and bleed it by loosening up the bolt. If after a few bleeds you have a very hard (almost immovable) clutch pedal, then you know the clutch master is okay. If you can't bleed the clutch master enough to get a very hard pedal (after all, it's not pushing anything but the bolt) then you know the master is done for.

    By the way, some hydraulic clutch systems are not easy to bleed by the conventional methods, and may require a pressure bleeder.

    Also, if you noticed a fluid level drop before you bled the system, or any leakage at the slave cylinder, then you definitely have a bad clutch slave cylinder.

  • snowball2 09/13/09 8:37 pm PST

    It sounds to me you might have a mouse nest or something else living or used to to live in the pressure plate,or something used your clutch material to make a nest,best thing to do is to is to access the inspection cover,remove it and check to see if there is any signs of debris inside the belhousing,if ok,get your hands on vacuum pump and apply vacuum to the master cylinder for 1 minute(proper way to bleed these masters)and check clutch operation,perform up to 3 times if needed.But before

    (Before you go through all thius make sure you have no leaks anywhere in hydro system


  • jeferywaterson 02/23/11 7:20 am PST

    I just went through pure hell on my F-150 4x4 4.9 v-6.
    If it was bled properly,it may be your pressure plate,or master cylinder.I spent over 2 weeks to find out,that I had bent the bracket under the dash,which caused me to loose an inch on the pedal.I had an extension welded onto the shaft that goes in the master cylinder..Good Luck!!


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