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  • tony78 09/08/09 7:47 pm PST

    Is" they ",,,,and the" dealership" ,,,the same ?

  • viktorwi 09/08/09 8:23 pm PST

    what kinda car is it? i doubt oil spil would destroy belt,i dont know car make thou..but dealership responsible for replacing cap and cleaning you engine bay.

  • elrosutc 09/09/09 3:12 am PST

    All Of this happen at the dealer ship.The Veh.is a 2007 mazda.She bought the car from a nissan dealer.So now the dealer are going back and forth not taking the blame for this happening.Nissan does all her oil changes ,so they are the one that left the oil cap off.Then when she went back after the oil got all over the motor and smoked like it was on fire.Nissan in turn put the wrong oil cap on her car.So the oil was still leaking so it's like a chain that just keeps breaking.And even after that ,she goes back to nissan,so they tell her to take it to mazda,they is when she found out that nissan put the wrong cap on.

  • elrosutc 09/15/09 12:02 am PST

    By the way the dealer ship did say that the oil cap being left off.And oil getting on the motor Could have cause the belt to start slipping and then shread.


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