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  • Stever@Edmunds 07/02/08 1:39 pm PST

    The dealer may be willing to do some of the legwork for you (and they may know who to talk to so that the process can be "greased"). Otherwise I think you'll have to fill out the forms as best you can and wade through the process.

    Source: http://motor.etax.dor.ga.gov/motor/titl

  • patrick88 07/02/08 7:00 pm PST

    Had a simular experience happen to a friend (note different states have different laws so...).
    She provided the dealership (it was a trade in too) with a bill of sale receipt and they took care of the title search and application.
    If she was to sale this vehicle to a private citizen she would've had to go to the DOL and apply for a new title. To get this she would've had to provide the following info:
    VIN, Year of vehicle, Model, make, where it was bought at (state, county etc..), where it was registered at and registration number (i.e. tag number). Then they would process it and it takes time.
    Yes, dealing with the DMV or DOL (or whatever they call themselves in your state) can be fustrating and a lot of paper work, but some of it we bring upon ourselves (like losing a title :-) ). just be patient and if the dealer won't do it (which I'm sure they'll jump through the hoops because they want your business, especially now) do the paperwork and grin and bear it.

  • greanpea68 07/03/08 6:34 pm PST

    The dealer will be able to retrieve the title quicker than yourself. Most dealers... actualy all the dealers I know have a duplicate title fee for anywhere from $100- $200... The dealer will also have neccesary forms for you to fill out.


  • goblue1279 07/10/08 11:19 am PST

    The dealer should have a lost title form for you to fill out. Some dealers charge a small fee for lost titles but its usally not more than what it would cost you to file for a new title

  • babsinatl 07/10/08 11:46 am PST

    THANKS for all the input. I wound up having a bonus 1/2 day off from work last Thursday so I schlepped on down to the MVD and got lucky. No huge crowds and only a 15 minute wait, plus an $8 fee to apply for a replacement. They printed out a form pre-filled with the correct info and all I had to do was show my drivers license and sign. It will, however, take 3 weeks to arrive in the mail. Worth it, though, I think.

  • patrick88 07/10/08 2:12 pm PST

    good deal! 3weeks isn't bad either!


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