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  • docj 06/18/08 12:10 am PST

    Test the ignition system for spark.
    No spark,check the coil pack/module assy

    Also could be

    Camshaft position sensor

    Crankshaft position sensor

    Broken Engine timing belt.

    PCM (computer)

    Wiring..open ignition feed,open Ground circuit

    Security system is always a possibilty.

    Is fuel pressure within specs? test fuel pressure if spark is present.
    Fuel pump circuit does have a relay..just as an FYI....

    Does the engine crank over and not start?
    Or when you turn the key ,it wont crank?

    Lots of possibles...need to test it all or take it to a qualified shop..no offense..dont know your mechanical capabilities...

    Doc J

  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/16/09 5:19 pm PST

    Here's a NO START CHART that might help you.


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