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  • karjunkie 08/18/10 3:53 pm PST

    I would be very surprised if you needed to replace the brake master cylinder in less than one year unless the replacement was defective. Repairs are usually covered for parts and labor for 12 months so they should not have charged you the second time if the master cylinder was defective. If I were you, I would look up the old reciept or the new one to confirm the warranty as it should be there. Call the service manager at the dealership and demand that they cover the cost of the second unit repair and replacement.

  • isellhondas 08/18/10 5:12 pm PST

    I guess I'm curious why you would ignore a Check Engine light for 110,000 miles?

    As far as your master cylinder, it's eight months old and it's been on there for 22,000 so I doubt if it is under warranty. It wouldn't hurt to ask though.

    If it's really bad it did have a very short life. These can last the life of a car but 75, 000- 100,000 miles is pretty normal.

    Needing a brake fluid flush shouldn't cause that light to come un unless the fluid was REALLY dirty,

  • mcbbtb 08/18/10 6:38 pm PST

    Thanks for the advice. Turns out the part only has a 12 month or 12k mile warranty. Bummer.

    I had a discussion with them today and basically the advisor said we will have to watch the brake fluid for any worrisome signs, so as to avoid the need for a 3rd master.

    Where does the dirt come from that contaminates the brake fluid? There was a flush in October, another with the master replacement in January and a third this go around. 3 times in 30k.

    I haven't really ignored the check engine light since I bought the car. Various mechanics, including this dealership, have tried to nail down the issue and we will try something and it will resolve the issue for a few hours, days, weeks and the light will reappear. If I remember correctly, the light was on round the clock for the previous owner as well. As the miles racked up, I stopped justifying the need for an answer on this check engine light.


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