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  • morin2 06/07/10 11:41 pm PST


    According to the specs listed for this truck, its rated to tow that much. But check your specific configuration's specs, as the crew cab should tow less than this one. I would be very hesitant to tow this much with this truck for long distances or over mountains. For that kind of towing, most people buy the Cummins diesels with the Allison trans. But if you are only towing short distances over level ground, you may be ok. I think this is why you are not getting the "for sure" answer - because its marginal and depends on how far you plan to tow.

    Keep in mind that the tow rating includes all gear, passengers, etc., so you may be over the limit.

    Most of us prefer to be very conservative with tow ratings. For example, my truck is rated to tow a little over 10,000 lbs and I use it to tow a 3500 lb boat short distances.

  • knowledgepower 06/08/10 11:01 am PST

    The Dodge dealer should of had a truck specialist trained by Dodge to show you in writing the tow capacities. It is a service to offer to any customer because who knows if the question you answer could be for a buyer. When I was a Fleet Manager at a Dodge dealer I was the go-to guy for truck info. Look up your truck specs based upon it's configuration with the Edmunds.com website provided by the previous post. If your truck is rated to tow 13,800 lbs it is too close to the actual weight because you have to add 200 lbs to the weight for each passenger regardless of their weight. You also need to add the weight of any commodity carried. I wouldn't buy this trailer because if that is empty ratiing it will be soon overweight and cause problems later with the transmission as well as braking and handling problems.

  • karjunkie 06/08/10 11:32 am PST

    I agree with both commentators above. For a trailer of that size and weight, your only option is a turbodiesel equipped truck. No way that hemi is going to generate the torque necessary to comfortably tow that trailer. It's a great engine but it is not designed to generate the torque necessary for that heavy duty hauling.


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