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  • karjunkie 12/10/09 2:09 pm PST

    Go to www.tirerack.com and enter your year, make and model. Click on the “tires” section. They will tell you both stock and alternative tires that fit your stock rims and suggest the best sellers. Usually you can go down one width ratio if you lower one profile ratio. So in your case you can alternatively fit a 215/55-17 tire on the front and 235/50-17 on the rear without affecting your overall tire diameter and messing up your speedometer reading. They have extensive consumer reviews of the best tires for all types of use, including all season touring tires. I have personally used Kumhos and Yokohamas as replacement for the expensive Michelins for years as the best combination of cost and performance, but there may be better options these days. They have good installers all over the country that will receive the tires and install them for you. My experience is that you can save quite a bit of money buying your tires this way. Good luck!


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