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  • morin2 08/07/10 12:40 pm PST

    It would have helped if you indicated the year and make of your car and the last time you had your brake fluid flushed. Basically, brake fluid is hydroscopic - it absorbs water, so yes, you need to have it flushed periodically. Most of us flush our brake fluid anywhere from every two to three years. What does your owner's manual indicate?

    Its difficult again to diagnose a feeling when turning - could be several things. I'd want to look at the axles first, or the wheel bearings. Why don't you take it to your mechanic for a diagnosis?

  • budd1234 08/07/10 12:42 pm PST

    sorry its a 04 chevy colorado. i am just hesitant to take it somewhere and pay $100 bucks for them to tell me they dont know or that it looks fine. not sure when or if ive had the brake flushed actually. any idea what teh 300 number would mean?

  • morin2 08/07/10 1:20 pm PST

    The 300-something number is irrelevant. If you've had the truck since new, check your service records. If you've never had the brakes flushed, its overdue for it. If you don't want to spend the $100 to have a brake flush performed, then you should have someone show you how to do it yourself (or with a helper). You can get a service manual and teach yourself, but it really helps to have someone show you how to do it - and its easier with 2 people.

    I suspect that most people just ignore such basic maintenance and some then come on here to complain when their anti-lock braking systems require expensive repairs and bash the brand.


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