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  • rearwheeldrive 07/16/08 11:03 pm PST

    1996 sway bar and links.

    Here is a picture of a 1993 the 1996 should be similar.

    The sway bar is in the backgound at the top center and goes out of view in the left upper corner next to the tie rod end. The sway bar mount is top center too. below that nut and goes vertical in the picture from there.

    The strut has only a bolt on the bottom but the top could have a mount thats worn. My front mounts constantly rattled when I hit a bump, so I finally replaced them. But not the struts. Saved money.

    To check out for the noise for yourself, I'd get under the car with the tiresblocked by two cinder blocks. Then rock the car back and for with the engine power and look at these sway bar parts for movement and noises. If it only does the noise when driving it s problaly caused by road bumps and thus the stuts have worn mounts At 60,000 miles I'd replace both mount and stut,

  • superman27 12/22/12 1:52 pm PST

    If you raise the car up (remember to block it safely) and climb underneath the right rear, just on the inner side of the tire you will see two rods, one has adjustable length and the other is a fixed length. On the ends of those rods are rubber bushings. You will probably find that the rubber bushing is worn out and with your tire off the ground, you can move the tire back and forth a little bit. Just replace the rod that has the worn-out bushing.


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