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  • mrdiagnostic 11/08/10 1:06 pm PST

    There are a few things it could be. There are a few electronic components that can cause your problem as well as the electric fuel pump in the fuel tank. Unfortunately there is no way to diagnose this over the internet. You will need to have a fuel pressure test, fuel injector test and spark test to find out what path to go down for further diagnostics.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/08/10 1:16 pm PST

    Here's a NO START TUTORIAL that might give you some further hints.

  • cincyrick 07/19/11 6:17 pm PST

    Not a mechanic here, but i have a 97 cavalier and went thru the same problem of stalled on my while driving, cranks but won't turn over.

    I changed cam and crank sensor, fuel regulator and had compression and spark. Me and my brother then came to a conclusion the timing chain jumped. Turned out to be the timing chain tensioner broke and timing did jump. Put new timing chain and gears and tensioner in it and started right up.



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