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  • karjunkie 03/13/09 11:36 am PST

    A rear main seal repair is quite expensive and requires removal of the transmission in a rear wheel drive vehicle. I would first try some Bar's Rear Main Seal Repair additive and see if that controls the leak to an acceptable level. You just add it to your oil. I would change the engine oil to a slightly heavier weight like 20W50 and substitute one quart with the Bar's product. Give it a few days to work and take it from there. Certainly worth a shot before you go to the expense of a rear main seal repair and it cannot do any harm. Good luck!

  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/13/09 12:47 pm PST

    Unless it's really REALLY a bad leak I'd live with it. You might also try a "seal sweller" but really on this type of seal I doubt it will work very well---but you never know.

    Given the high miles, even if you replace the main seal, it's possible that you have lateral play in the crankshaft at 200K miles and a new seal may not hold. So all that expense may not prove to be the solution after all.

    I'd only fix it if it were a very serious drip drip drip like a leaky faucet. If you only get a small spot of oil on the floor, and your oil level isn't dropping noticeably, i'd leave it alone.


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